MBB Faculty working in the field of Structural Biology

Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD photo
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD
Maria Gaczynska photo
Maria Gaczynska
Associate Professor
Ubiquitin-proteasome system; Atomic force microscopy
Yogesh Gupta, PhD photo
Yogesh Gupta, PhD
Assistant Professor
RNA Epigenetics, lncRNA, ATP motors
P. John Hart, PhD photo
P. John Hart, PhD
Ewing Halsell-Presidents Council Distinguished Chair in Biochem.
3-D Protein Structure/Action Structure-based Drug Design Biophysics
Dmitri Ivanov, PhD photo
Dmitri Ivanov, PhD
Assistant Professor- CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research
David Libich, PhD photo
David Libich, PhD
Assistant Professor
Biomolecular NMR
Philip Serwer, PhD photo
Philip Serwer, PhD
Bacteriophages; DNA Metabolism; Electron Microscopy; Evolution; Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy
Rui Sousa, PhD photo
Rui Sousa, PhD
Conformational Mechanisms in Macromolecular Function
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