MBB Faculty working in the field of Enzymology & Regulation of Metabolic Pathways

Reto Asmis, PhD photo
Reto Asmis, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Wake Forest School of Medicine, NorthCarolina
Monocyte and Macrophage Dysfunction Associated with Metabolic Disoders, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetic Complications
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD photo
Paul F. Fitzpatrick, PhD
Franco Folli photo
Franco Folli
Professor and Director of Metabolic Research
Bettie Sue Masters, PhD photo
Bettie Sue Masters, PhD
Adjunct Professor and Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Biochemistry, UTHSCSA
Nicholas Musi photo
Nicholas Musi
Associate Professor- Department of Medicine/ Diabetes
Shane L. Rea photo
Shane L. Rea
Assistant Professor- Barshop Institute & Dept. Physiology
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